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Company From: Maldives Looking for: Rum from:



We are currently looking for branded liquor & spirits to be imported to Maldives.

Postal address

Address: Malé, Maldives
City: MALE
ZIP code:


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Buyer Country: Albania Looking for: Vodka From:

These are the spirits we are looking for on priority:  1)GreyGoose-100 Cases 2)Belvedere- 100 Cases 3)Chivas Regal-100 Cases 4)Johnny Walker Blue Label- 10 cases 5)Johnnie Walker Black Label -100 cases 6)Johnnie Walker Double Black- 100 cases 7)Johnny red label- 100 cases 8)Jägermeister- 100 cases 9)Smirnoff Red - 100 cases 10)Absolut -100 cases 11)Bacardi- 20 cases 12)Fernet-Branca-20 cases 13)Jack Daniels -200 cases 14)Gin-200 cases 15)J&B-100 cases 16)Jim Beam-100 cases 17)Campari-20 cases

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Buyer Country: New Zealand Looking for: Beer From:

Looking for beers either in packs. Or in bigger bottles to be supplied.

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