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Company From: Austria Looking for: Non-Alcoholic Beverage from:



Coca Cola launches 4 new fillers (Coke with flavour) They start a test only in UK and .. maybe .. next year we will get it in Austria. I am looking for a beverage wholesaler who has them on stock and sell those fillers to me. 1 palett - 48 cases - 12 each flavour. I can take care for the transport. THanks a lot & best regards Maximilian.


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Buyer Country: Czech Republic Looking for: Wine From:

I am agent which are looking for wine distributor for good wholesale prices. Here are brands: Wines in 750ml bottles: 1. Cabernet 2. Sauvignon 3. Merlot 4. Chardonnay 5. Riesling, 6. Pinot Noir And etc. Need long term cooperation with perfect supplier. Kind regards, Toman

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Whisky From:

Big City Distributors is a leader in maximizing efficiencies across the product supply chain. We are focusing more on Wine, Beer, Spirits, and Exclusive Cigars. We are interested for All Spirit Brands for Distribution in NJ

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Whisky From:

We are looking for good Bourbons that we can sell at a competitive price that have modern packaging and a supplier who is willing to support it's growth in the Indiana market.

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