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The number of social media users is growing, consumers are using social networks to search for goods and services, and businesses are increasing their social media budgets in hopes of better reaching their audience. The conclusion seems that if your business is wine you don't have a choice on whether you do social media, the question is how well you do it. We have a look at strategies that work and mistakes to avoid to succeed on the most relevant platforms when building a tasting room.

There is a lot of data to support the claim that social media works. It works to build brand awareness, it works to increase your customer base and therefore it works to make more sales.

Like most other types of marketing, social media has to be done well to get results and it is not an overnight process. The work has to be put in day after day over time to see results from those efforts down the line. Social media marketing is a powerful tool for almost any business, if it is done right. By engaging with them on social networks, tasting rooms have the opportunity to create loyal customers.

Which Social Media Strategies do actually work?

Regular posts

Regularly post your social media marketing items at peak times. Makes sure these posts contain relevant, entertaining, informative or visually appealing content. Consistency is key. Keep to a schedule and over time you will see your results pay off.

Frequent usage of images and videos

Think about posting ‘How to’ advice (e.g. pairing wines with food, how to open an old bottle of Port, decant a wine, etc.) videos. Social media followers also love watching videos of working wineries (grape picking or crushing, vine pruning, etc). Photos of bottle shots in vineyards or glasses of wines with a beautiful setting may seem trite but people love to see these. Having actual people in these posts is a must.

Being Responsive

When someone comments on an Instagram/Twitter/Facebook post and implies some sort of interest in visiting the tasting room or asks a question, answer them as quickly as possible. Many people will actually show up at your venue because you got back to them. Particularly if it’s in response to a post about a certain wine, event or something special you do.

Choose a few channels and stick to them

Choose a few channels that you feel you can maintain regularly and create high-quality content for and just stick to those, rather than getting lost in countless channels. Too high is the risk that you can't feed them consistently and you will lose focus. And your clients in the long run.

There should be one person in charge of running social media

Keeping your  social media marketing posts on schedule, managing content (even if they are not creating it all themselves) and making sure that someone is available to respond to customers is key. This deserves at least part of someone's time each day.

If you are new to the whole social media thing it might be a bit overwhelming and there are some traps along the way, so here are some of the most common mistakes and things that don't work:

Buying your social media followers

The whole point of having followers is to have people following you that can become customers and to engage and delight current customers. If your followers are fake, you have no potential customers and are simply wasting your time.

Treating social media like an afterthought

Assigning a tasting room person or your tasting room staff to ‘post stuff’ once and a while with no plan or calendar for what, how much and how often you will post is not effective.

Marketing at your audience

Audiences don’t like to be marketed to. They prefer to see entertaining, informative or visually appealing content and to feel that a business is approachable and that you are engaging with them. You can market to your audience but the frequency of your non-marketing posts should far outweigh the frequency of your marketing posts. Build the trust of your audience and fans first before marketing to them.

If you follow these advises and get your Social Marketing right, you will experience an increased visibility, the more and regular you engage, the more you encourage clients to visit you, revisit, spread word and basically grow your business with you.

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The Social Media Strategies To Get Your Tasting Room Buzzing

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