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We are looking for our Templar vodka, our future import-distributor partners. The Vodka Templar was born 14 months ago and has already won: • the 2017 gold medal in London • the 2017 CWSA Hong Kong gold medal, • the 2018 CWSA Hong Kong gold medal, • the medal The London CWSA Women 2018 Gold Medal, San Francisco-The Templar is made in one of the world's finest vodka distilleries and distilled six times. Templar vodka is a range of 4 shades of vodka. -The white bottle is thermochromic and turns blue in cold water and the Peach bottle turns pink. -The Templar Vodka is 1 liter of pure wonder

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Date Created: 21/06/2020
Product Name: Vodka Templar
Product Type: Vodka
Country of origin: France
Stock available: On request
Price per unit US$: 8.00
Price per unit €: On request
Alc. Vol %: 40.00
Format: 100 ml

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Wine And Spirits Club

Our Vodka Templar© Ultra Premium has been awarded the 2016 gold medal, the 2016 medal chalenge London, medal Ultimate 2016 chalenge, has opted for 88 points chalenge 2016, Gold Medal 2017 Concours International Hong-Kong. A Vodka with the Templar Force Federiciani. Notre Vodka Templar© Ultra Premium a reçu le prix 2016, la médaille d'or, la médaille 2016 de Londres, la médaille Ultimate 2016 Chalenge, a opté pour 88 points de chalenge 2016. Médaille d'Or du concours International de Hong-Kong 2017. Une vodka avec la Force Templière Federiciani SUPER PREMIUM VODKA 40% ALC / Flight 1 litre Water quality is controlled from 700 m depth   The taste of water greatly influences the taste of Vodka. Water influences all aspects alcoholic beverage: Smell, taste and clarity. Even the purest water, if contained in its natural environment, must be treated. The treatment process is as follows. Water flows through sand and carbon columns, cartridge and membrane filters and undergoes ultraviolet and molecular purification. Reverse osmosis helps regulate the saline composition of the water.   This makes each type of vodka unique. Global control in the distillery laboratory is the last step in water treatment. The water is now ready to be mixed with alcohol (sorting). Water is fed to pressurized tanks on the 4th floor of the mixing plant. The treated water is soft, clear and alive (unlike the distilled water used by other manufacturers).

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