Advanced Social Media Techniques for Beverage Suppliers

Now that you have a following, what’s next? We have outlined a few advance strategies below that will help build brand recognition and grow a loyal Social Media community.


How to use Social Media in new and interesting ways (Wineries, Beverage Brands, Breweries and Distilleries). 

Social Media For Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries


i. Create Contests and Offer Prizes & Discounts

Everybody loves free stuff. Make your page attractive by offering prizes for correctly answering a skill-testing question or offer promotions to your clients for taking part in a survey. Use catch phrases like “Be the first to answer and win…!” or “at the end of the competition the person (or photo) with the most ‘likes’ wins…” When you generate interest in a certain promotion your followers will continually return to your page to see what has happened since they were last online.

ii. Always Make Sure Your Followers Feel Like They Are Receiving Something.

When you are asking them for their email address to subscribe to your newsletter or to click on your links make sure you give them lots of rewards for commiting their time and participating in your community. Make your followers feel that they are a valued part of your platform. Encourage them to share and grow with you. Use catch phrases to describe your newsletters. Make your link headlines exciting and always take the time to personally answer any emails or comments.


iii. Unite Your Online & Offline Advertising Campaigns.  

Offer discounts on your social media pages for redemption in your stores. Create posts like, “mention our tweet to us today and recieve 10% off.” Always provide links to your Social Media Pages on any advertisements, websites, business cards and in store displays. Always cross link your media pages to each other.



If you post the same message to every platform, your Followers will quickly realize that they only need to f¬¬ollow one of your social media pages. To ensure your followers are keeping up with all of your feeds, make use of the different layouts - a successful post on one page might not work on another - and offer unique promotions for each page.
Understanding the motivations of your followers on each platform is crucial to understanding what type of posts will be successful. Watch your community and adapt your messages accordingly by using the analytical tools offered and studying what type of posts generate the most interest for each platform.



Your competition is watching you so make sure to follow their lead, even if it means giving them one more thumbs up! The more you know about them the better prepared you will be to compete. Make sure to have services and ongoing promotions to rival those of your competition. Make your followers know they are valued and give them reasons not to go over to the dark side.


As always, make sure you are enjoying your social media experience! The best pages are those that are fun and easy and come from those who take the time because they want to! If you dedicate yourself to your pages the followers will come! Use interesting and creative ways to engage with your audience and keep yourself entertained.