Guide On Wine Import Business in USA

In this guide you will find all the information to start your wine import business and grow your wine import business. Any one who is planning to launch a wine import or distribution company in the United States should read the guide. Even existing business will benefit from the guide in streamlining their operations.


Guide On Wine Import Business and How to Grow Your Wine Import Business.

BTN is offering importers that qualify (see details for qualification below), a complimentary hard-cover copy of Deborah Gray’s book ‘How to Import Wine – An Insider’s Guide’. This book draws upon 20 years of Deborah’s experience in the industry to show you everything about the wine import business in the US – from details about licensing and control state regulations, grey market, how to build a successful portfolio, , inventory control, price programming and many other day to day challenges that a wine importer and distributor faces in running their business.


howtoimportwineIn writing this book, Deborah Gray’s mission was two-fold: to demystify the importing and distribution process for the new U.S. importer, and to reveal insights into the U.S. process for wineries and brand owners.

The advantages to this book for the former group are obvious. This is a detailed instruction manual for importing and distribution in the U.S., drawing on twenty years as an importer and distributor. Deborah also shares some of her own personal experiences throughout the years to examine the pitfalls that face inexperienced importers and provide solutions to save both time and money.

For the foreign winery or supplier, Deborah has drawn back the curtain on operating within the U.S. wine industry framework. When wine leaves a port bound for a U.S. destination, the brand owner often has no idea what happens next or why. In step-by-step detail, Deborah simplifies complicated issues such as the 3-tier distribution system, state licensing, logistics and wholesaler operations and breaks down the role of the importer throughout the process.

As one winery owner from Argentina said, “Understanding your needs is easy. Understanding your business partner's needs is essential for a constructive and lucrative relationship between two parties”.

In December, 2011 her book was recognized as “Best U.S. Professional Wine Book 2011” by Gourmand International, founded by Edouard Cointreau. It is used in wine business classes at universities and acclaimed as “a valuable resource” by professors and “essential reading” by the Executive Editor of Wine Spectator magazine.

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