BTN Wine 360

BTN partners with The Reverse Wine Snob to extend its reach and launches BTN Wine 360.

BTN Wine 360 Plan

Get Discovered!

BTN Wine 360 is a trade and consumer winery marketing plan for a wine brand. Partnering with one of the leading wine bloggers, BTN will give your brand the awarness it needs and generate leads from retailers, distributors and importers.


So what exactly is BTN WINE 360?

In the wine and beer business social media is still new. Most business is done in traditional way where sellers cold call and attend trade shows that generate leads, and then offer presentations and samples. That is only the first phase, then comes the promotion phase to help get a repeat order.

Big brands and companies have started doing what we call B2B/B2C Marketing using social media. That is exactly what BTN Wine 360 will do for you. We not only target B2B buyers like importers and distributors through our adverts and postings but we also engage with your end consumer which drives demand and creates that 'pull' effect.

Here's what BTN WINE 360 includes:

A listing on the Home Page of and also on leading social media websites.

A post on The Reverse Wine Snob linking back to your featured brand page on BTN. In addition to the significant traffic on the site, the post is pushed out to tens of thousands more readers via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

So you may be wondering why Reverse Wine Snob (RWS) has partnered up with It's simple really -- RWS loves to find new and unknown wines and introduce them to its audience.


How many people does this site reach?

Current traffic on the The Reverse Wine Snob site can be found here. As of this writing it is about 80k pageviews, 40k visits and 32k visitors a month and growing. All of RWS posts achieve a very high ranking on Google search so this article will exist out on Google for years to come, giving wineries and wine brands a favorable presence on Google search. In addition RWS has over 30k followers on Twitter and RWS postings receive over 150,000 impressions a day, not to mention thousands more on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Feel free to see the site states here. and also the Twitter page as below.





 BTN Home Page Placement Includes (see an example here)



*For Wineries who have never shipped to United States, additional $150 administration fee will be applied as we will need to get a TTB waiver from our Importer company partner to import samples for you and ship it to TheReverseWineSnob. The fee includes all charges 


Social Media Starter Plan @ $499 (For Wine Only)

  • One Blog Post in TheReverseWineSnob platforms which includes about 150,000 page impressions and a reach of 30k Twitter followers, not to mention thousands more on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.
  • Brand Feature Page with professional artwork. Brand will be featured in 'Brands Seeking Distribution' Section for one week on the home page of BTN where we will generate leads and direct buyers.
  • Live Chat Support on your featured brand page
  • Postings and Mentions on all BTN Social Platforms
  • Email Marketing and Inclusion of your brand in the monthly newsletter reaching more than 15,000 trade professionals.