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BTN Buyers Guide

<p>1 fee covers both digital and print editions</p> <p>Reaching a market of more than 10.000 qualified importers</p> <p>Top wine producers from premium terroirs</p>

Entry Form

Use the below form to enter your brand details for 2015 BTN USA Guide. Once you complete the form and the payment, we will send out a seperate product entry form in mid-December to enter all product details and get your artwork of images.


How do you define a brand?

Here is an example:

A winery called 'Gladstone Vineyard' has 3 brands. 

1) Gladstone Vineyard Range

2) 12,000 Miles

3) Jealous Sisters

Each of their brands have multiple products. For example 'Gladstone Vineyard Range' has Gladstone Vineyard Pino Noir, Gladstone Vineyard Range Sauvignon Blanc, Gladstone Vineyard Range Merlot. Thus your entry fee of $600 is for one brand which is for 'Gladstone Vineyard Range' and we will include up to 3 products for that brand on the same page.

If you wish to enter another brand of your winery, in this case 'Jealous Sisters', then you will need to create another entry ($600).