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Spec sheet

Date Created: 05/02/2014

Product Name: Singlz

Appelation: Single Serve Wine Product

Variety: Wine

Country of origin: France

Stock available: 25000

Price per unit US$: On request

Price per unit €: 0.75

Production year: 2013

Alc. Vol %: 12.00

Format: 187ml

Singlz – a revolutionary new all-in-one bottle and glass format

The Singlz concept brings 21st century portability and convenience to wine drinking – an innovative all-in-one design combined with leading edge PET bottle technology that preserves wine quality.

Ideal for picnics, barbeques and situations where a single serve is all that is required .
Perfect for sporting and other outdoor events, concerts and performances where glassware is not permitted for safety reasons and where many people need to be served in a short space of time.
Welcome peace of mind for the consumer who opens their own bottle of quality wine knowing it is untainted and safe to drink.

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