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Jagoda (Strawberry Liqueur)

This is fruit liqueur made from homemade fruit brandy, concentrated strawberry juice with fresh forest berries.
Enjoy in this new, fresh aroma of forest berries. Taste them in a different way...

Our drinks line has been present on the market since 2006. We are active in the production of traditional Slovenian high quality beverages and we focus on using natural ingredients. Currently, we produce five types of liqueurs: BOROVNIÄŒEVEC (bilberry liqueur), MALINCA (raspberry liqueur), LIMONCA (lemon liqueur), JAGODA (wild strawberry) and SMREKOVEC (spruce liqueur). We also produce VILJAMOVKA (pear brandy).

All our products are distinguished by a harmony of natural fruit scents and tastes, since they are made from fruit brandy, condensed fruit juice and fruit. Therefore, the quality of our products is much better than the quality of products, which base on ethanol and artificial dyes.

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Spec sheet

Date Created: 19/04/2013

Product Name: Jagoda (Strawberry Liqueur)


Variety: Liqueur

Country of origin: Slovenia

Stock available: On request

Price per unit US$: On request

Price per unit €: On request

Production year: 0

Alc. Vol %: 20.00

Format: Liter

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