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Logging into this website gives you access to special content available exclusively to Members Only. The list below addresses common questions about registering and logging in.

Signing Up

If you work in the Beverage Industry as a supplier, distributor, retailer, broker or importer and would like access to the Members-Only content and other member resources, please click here to register and then create a user profile. Once you do that, you will be able to post products and post buying leads. Our Free membership allows you to post your products and also post your buying requests. Our Gold membership gives you full access to BTN premium content and other features.

Trouble Logging in?

If the login system or the password reset feature does not respond to your prompts, it is possible that your user account is locked out due to multiple login attempts with an incorrect password. Please contact Member Services ( or +1 901 BTN LIVE) to unlock your account.


Buying Leads and Selling Leads 

What is a Buying Lead?

A buying lead is an offer to buy an item and represents a demand for that particular item. It is posted on behalf of an organization that requires the product. The details of the requirement are displayed and if desired, one can respond to the offer.

To post a buying lead, click here.

If you are not registered, click here to register for free and start posting buying leads.


What is a Selling Lead?

A selling lead is an offer to sell a product. An organization interested in marketing a product or a range of products can post the relevant details for interested parties to view and respond.

To post a selling lead, click here.

If you are not registered, click here to register for free and start listing your products.

What are the benefits of buying and selling leads?
• Finding global buyers and sellers for your beverage products and services.
• Reaching out to thousands of buyers and sellers, across the world.
• Get Business Inquiries, globally.
• Invite interested buyers to buy your products and sellers to supply.
• Get instant access to buyers for your excess stock and ready to ship items.
• Promote your Products/Services online on a Global B2B platform.


How to post a buying lead or a selling lead?

This service is available only to our registered members. Registration on BTN is free. 

If you are already a BTN member, please sign in and click on Post a buying lead or selling lead.

To post a buying lead, click here.

To post a selling lead, click here. 


Why can't I receive emails from BTN?

Check the SPAM / JUNK folder in your email

• Check your spam folder, and if you find any BTN emails there, mark them as Not Spam/ Not Junk
• Add BTN to the "allowed senders" list in your address book
• If you cannot list an entire domain then add and as allowed senders.

Most BTN notifications will be sent out using these email addresses.

Check email filters/other web filters
• If you have setup e-mail filters in your mail client (Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora etc.), then check the delivery folders, as there is a high possibility that e-mails are being delivered in the set-up folders

Contact Email Provider: Tell your email service provider that you are not receiving legitimate emails from BTN and ask about their filters. Since BTN sends a high volume of automated messages, some providers mistakenly flag or delete them as spam

• Some email providers implement e-mail policies which prohibit the user from receiving mails, if the e-mail contains a certain set of alphabets/words or may block specific senders, servers, or return addresses. If this is the case, please touch base with your email provider and update filters.

Switch Providers: If you aren't receiving email from BTN reliably after following all of the above suggestions, choose a different email address for receiving BTN email

Contact Us:
If the problem still persists, please feel free to email us at or call us at our toll free number + 1 901 BTN LIVE. 


Login/Account Settings

I forgot my username/password. How do I retrieve it?

• Click on “Forgot your password” 

• Enter the E-mail ID that you had provided at the time of registration and your password will be sent to the email.


I want to change my password

Login into your account and on the sub menu, click on 'Change Password'


Why am I not being able to sign in?

Make sure you have entered your email ID and password correctly.

If you do not remember your correct email ID and password, click on “Forgot your password” and enter the E-mail ID that you had provided at the time of registration and you will shortly receive an email with your User Name and Password.

If you still encounter problems signing in, please email



Why is my account disabled/de-activated?

Your account may be disabled or de-activated if you violate any terms and conditions or send un-solicited responses or enquiries to other members. For any help and re-activate your account please contact us at


Why should I sign out when I am done using BTN?

It is advisable to sign out when you finish surfing the site. This is to protect your confidentiality in case you are using a public or shared computer.


User Registration

Why should I register with

By registering your company with BTN, you gain access to various business generation tools that help you generate qualified business leads from buyers all over the globe. Your registration entitles you to:

List your company for Free, post selling leads (products). 

• Post buying leads. By virtue of your listing you start receiving business inquiries from buyers interested in buying your product. Trade leads are the fastest and proven way for identifying the right buyers and sellers for your products.

• Subscribe to Trade Alerts (through e-mail) generated from the BTN Trade Leads platform.

• Receive/Send Trade Inquiries without refilling your company information every time you send an inquiry, throughout the network. It not only adds to your convenience but also saves your valuable time.


How to register?

Registering with is absolutely free and an easy, three step process:

• Visit
• Click on the "Register” button on the top right hand corner of the home page.
• Fill up the required details.
• Specify your email address and password and then click on Register.
• While we process your registration request, you can start using the features/services of network. Approved users can continue using the same username and password everytime they visit


What do you do with my registration information?

BTN values your privacy and hence we have laid out detailed terms and conditions and a legal agreement which protects the interests of our registered members.


I am having trouble in registering

Our user registration process has been kept extremely simple to eliminate the possibility of a technical error. However, should you face a problem in registering, please retry after refreshing the page in your browser. If the problem persists, please report the problem to our webmaster (


Do I need to register as Gold Member to use Beverage Trade

Nope. We have a free registration that you can start with. If you want to take advantage of the full features of BTN, such as contacting buyers and accessing BevBrokerNet, you will need to sign up for Gold Membership.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently process all accounts through Paypal and accept all of the forms of payment that they allow - Mastercard, Visa, debit cards or even your bank. We do intend to offer credit card processing directly through the application at a later date.


Can I change plans? has a monthly plan and a yearly plan. You can upgrade to our yearly plan if you are a monthly Gold member at not cost and we will calculate your savings and credit you the savings. For our monthly plan, If you cancel your account you'll be billed for the current month, but you won't be billed again.


How do I cancel an automatic payment I have with BTN?

To cancel an automatic payment with a BTN, simply follow the below steps- First go to Paypal

Log in to your PayPal account.
Click Profile at the top of the page.
Click My Money.
Beside 'My preapproved payments', click Update to find your payment.
Select the payment, and then click Cancel.

Or you can also email us here and we will do it for you.


See Full Benefits of Gold Membership

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For any other questions or help please email