Quara - Los vinos de Pancho Lavaque

San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina
Cafayate, Salta, Argentina

5th Generation Family Owned and Operated Since 1870
5th Largest Wine Producer in Argentina (Over 1000 wineries)
All Wineries Established over 100 years ago
Felix Lavaque – “The Great Grandfather of Salta Winemaking”

This winery born in the year 1870, out of the wine-making passion and vision of Gilberto Lavaque, took his know-how and family wine-making tradition to the premier grape growing region of San Rafael, in the province of Mendoza. Surrounded by its vineyards in the county of San Rafael, in the heart of the leading Argentinean wine-producing region, Viñas de Altura SA stands out for its traditional and colonial architecture. In its interior, in a highly aesthetic environment, testimonies of the past and wine-making tradition blend with highly equipped areas, with state of the art technology. Its production capacity is of 5.150.000 liters (1.360.635 gallons), combines 500 French oak barrels and stainless steel tanks.

FINCA QUARA was created to be the best winery of Cafayate Valley and to gain National and international recognition by producing the best Malbec and Torrontés of Argentina. 

Imported in USA and Looking for Wine Distributors in USA.


Quara Reserve

In some countries the use of the term reserve/reserva is regulated, but in many places it is not. Sometimes, reserve wine originates from the best vineyards, or the best barrels, making it more special.

Additionally, reserve wines might be made in a style suited to longer aging periods. However the term "reserve" on some wine labels may be nothing but a marketing strategy.

In our case our Reserva wines start with the best grapes from our mature vineyards, they then spend additional time aging in American and French oak barrels

Quara - Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve

Quara - Malbec Reserve

Malbec Reserve

Quara - Torrontes Reserve

Torrontes Reserve

Region 1

With Region 1 we offer a special look inside the family wine cellar. Four varietals that offer quality and intense flavor at a remarkable price!

Region 1 - Malbec


Region 1 - Cabernet


Region 1 - Chardonnay


Region 1 Reserve

Region 1 Reserve - Malbec


Region 1 Reserve - Cabernet


Region 1 Reserve - Moscato