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My family and I have been farmers for generations, living and working on our estate in Val d’Orcia, Pienza, Tuscany.
We are personally involved in managing the land, sowing and harvesting wheat as well as caring for the vineyards.
We continue a daily dialogue between the traditional skills handed down to us and the modern knowledge and know how we have acquired. All this takes place in full respect for the surrounding environment.
We consider our wines a gift from nature and the land, and thus they are a true expression of nature and this land of origin.


Our wines originate from vines cultivated according to knowledge both ancient and new, manual skills and attention to understanding what the plants are trying to express. They are the fruit of difficult and often economically disadvantageous growing procedures such as not using chemical weedkiller or removing excess bunches. These are choices we make with pride in our work and the conviction that our products are good and healthy, and will therefore satisfy those searching for real and genuine quality.


Orcia D.O.C. - Frasi Vintage 2008

The name “Frasi” was chosen because every vintage corresponds to a different phrase.Every year the label shows a new phrase – a metaphor to describe the nature of this vintage and our state of mind for this year.

Soil: sandy-silty texture, to be precise: Pliocene seabed, as demonstrated by the many fragments of fossilised shells. Altitude 464 m a s.l.

Vineyard: Surface area: 1 hectare. Year planted: 1973. Bilateral spurred cordon training system.

Grapes: Sangiovese mainly, with a little Canaiolo and very little Colorino. Harvested the last week of September by hand, and placed in baskets.

Vinification: after destemming, it is fermented in stainless steel where the transformation of sugars into alcohol takes place naturally without the addition of yeasts, enzymes or anything else, in order to best enhance the grape’s own special and peculiar features. The must stayed on the skins for 18 days. During this period I alternated pumping-over and punching-down manually every 6 hours.

Ageing: after devatting the wine stayed in stainless steel for 15 days to facilitate sedimenting of the gross lees. On November 2th 2008 I racked the wine into 33 hl Allier oak barrels where it remained for 24 months. Bottling: 06.05.2011

Bottles: 4575 Bordeaux and 127 magnums kept in temperature-controlled rooms.


Orcia D.O.C. - Vintage 2009

Surface area of vineyards where the grapes were grown: 4 ha

Training system: Unilateral spurred cordon

Density per Ha: 5000 plants Altitude of vineyards: 464 m a s.l.

Blend: Sangiovese 80% Merlot 20%

Harvesting period: Merlot first week of September, Sangiovese fourth week of September

Harvesting method: Manual, in perforated baskets Vinification techniques: after soft crushing and destemming the grapes are fermented in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature for 18 days.

Ageing techniques: barriques for 12 months then bottles for a further 6 months minimum, in temperature-controlled conditions. The wine continues to mature with time, becoming softer and more stylish.

Bottling date: 19th April 2011

Number of bottles produced: 15000

Alcohol content: 13,5%

Total acidity: 5,7 g/l

Dry extract: 34,2 g/l