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Belaya Rus Vodka

Award Winning Belarusian Premium Vodka is now looking for distributors

Belaya Rus (bell-eye-ah-roose) is a Russian-style vodka made using the finest winter grains and pure artesian water drawn from wells 1000 ft. deep. The water is first filtered through Cremia, a black flint found in Belarus. This unique filtering process purifies the water without robbing the vodka of its flavor. The award-winning vodka is then distilled six times to ensure the highest possible quality and purity while preserving the unique flavor and providing a gentle finish.

"Best of 2013 and Zagat Top 10 restaurants well vodka of choice is being positioned as an affordable but high-quality Vodka for the cocktail segment, first launched in test markets in 2012"

Belaya-Rus-Vodka-Pic1"Six times distilled rye based Vodka from the xUSSR leading distillery of "Minsk Kristall" - #7 in the world by Drinks International which has been in operations for 120 years producing vodkas. This particular formula was introduced by the distillery for their 100 year anniversary"

The U.S. version of Belaya Rus vodka is the exact same formula (recipe) used in the creation of the 100-year anniversary of RUE Minsk Kristall but has been designed especially for the U.S. market by American importer Gvardia LLC.

Belaya Rus is very affordable and priced to compete with Svedka and other imported vodkas in $12-$15 shelf price range.

Quick facts about Belaya Rus Vodka

  • Belarusian vodka made from the finest winter grains (25% winter wheat and 75% rye) 
  • Distilled by the world renowned RUE Minsk Kristall Distillery located in Minsk, the historic capital city of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Distillery was founded in 1893 and the Belaya Rus formula was created in honor of the distillery’s 100 year anniversary.
  • Recipient of numerous awards in Russia and Belarus – the new U.S. vodka has been awarded 90 points from the Beverage Tasting Institute.
  • Designed and imported for the U.S. market by Madison-based Gvardia, LLC. Currently available exclusively in Wisconsin.
  • The QR (Quick Response) code found on the bottle is the first use of a QR code on a vodka bottle.

Currently being sold in IL, NJ, PA, TN, WA and WI. Looking to expand in other states and international markets.

Belaya Rus Vodka is now looking to expand in other states in USA. Contact us here for samples and price list. Please fill the form below.


    90 points
  • 2011 Gold Medal and "2011 Best Buy Bar Competition - Best Value Vodka $15 and Under" with "Exceptional" ratings (90 points)
  • 2011 Silver Medal and "Best Buy" Award with "Highly Recommended" ratings (89 points)



" said we have "Eastern European street cred" and be "easier to both sip on and mix with " than Stoli"

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