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Programming your Brand for Retail Depletions: What programs work and don’t work

Interview with Brian Rosen who owned and operated Sam’s Wines in Chicago, America’s highest grossing single store of all time ($60 million in sales).

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Successfully launching beverages in new retail stores means understanding your customer and how to maximize sell throughs in your retailer's market. Giving your retailer every opportunity to promote your brand by providing healthy support programs for your brand will ensure that you have the competitive edge necessary to succeed in new market launches.

BTN: What is the most ideal program for a new brand intro?

Case deals are a great way to enter retail, but this is only one piece of the sales process. Having a retailer buy your offering ONCE, and not twice, is the kiss of death.

The same philosophy holds true for in store tastings. Getting your product into the mouth of customers is a great way to sell your goods, but it can also be troublesome. The tasters can kill or make the brand – so even with quality support there is the possibility of negative impact on both the sale and the next order. Consider your target consumer and approach them strategically.

The Article covers other questions like...

What does it take to get your new brand moving?

How can you convince retailers to get a 25 Case Display?

Where should suppliers spend their money for retail depletion?

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