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Building Brands On A Craft Brewer's Ad Budget

BTN Explores how small craft breweries can focus on the 6 P's and grow their brand.

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There are all kinds of brand examples that don’t use media channels to build up customer bases and succeed. They’ve grown into big businesses without TV ads. Why can't you do the same?!"

Some of these are the most recognizable brands in the premium segment of the markets they operate in. For example, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Honest Teas, COSTCO Wholesale, Cadbury Chocolates, Lululemon Stores, Terracylce, The Body Shop and Ferrari.

The common thread through all of these no-cost, low-cost marketing success stories is a good story, one that bears repeating and fares well both in social and PR-traditional media—the difference is that most good stories come from bootstrap entrepreneurs, rather than in a big corporate board room. The same holds true for Craft Brewers---they have a real story to tell.

So what has helped these recognizable brands win consumers? 

The answer lies in the good old fashioned "4 P's" of marketing (product, price, promotion, and place) and we added a two more (promise/personality and package) to make it “6 P's.”

1. Promise and Personality

Build a story around your brand that drives everything the Company stands for. The story of starting up a small business that is family-oriented, trustworthy, consistent, local, innovative, entertaining, and totally obsessed with providing value to your customers.

For example: this could be executed by giving 10% of the Brewery’s profits to a local charitable foundation as a fundraiser. Your Promise to your customers is that you will do something EVERYTIME.

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