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Are You Really Ready To Pitch A Distributor: Here's the Checklist

This checklist covers the most important factors that a winery, brewery, distillery or any brand owner needs to look at before approaching a distributor.

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Distributors want to represent professionally run producers who understand their own role in the supply chain as well as the distributor’s and come to the table in a position to start supplying product without any major hurdles. 

Unfortunately, far too often distributors find themselves explaining the ins and outs of the trade to a confused producer, providing him/her a list of things that need to be seen to before their brands will be considered ready for distribution – both frustrating and a waste of precious time. With several producers approaching good distributors each week, the opportunity to stand out from the crowd is slim, so smart producers need to make sure they tick all the necessary boxes before picking up the phone and making an appointment. 

Here are some examples:

-Am I willing and able to support the distributor with time, money and product to help generate sales?

-Do I realise that by simply signing with a distributor, consistent and growing sales are not guranteed?

-Have I listed my brand's key competitive advantage assets?

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