Votto Wines – 90+ Wines Portfolio

Portfolio of 90+ Wines from Italy | Looking for Wine Distributors in USA


Chianti Classico DOCG – 90 points, Wine Spectator

Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG – 93 points, Wine Spectator

Janus IGT – 94 points, Wine Spectator

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Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG – 92 points, Wine Spectator; Top 100 (2012)

Rosso di Montalcino DOC – 90 points, Wine Spectator

Brunello di Montalcino DOCG – 92 points, Wine EnthusiastMontefalco Rosso DOC – 90 points, Wine Advocate

Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG – 93 points, Wine Advocate

Terra di Confine IGT – 91 points, Wine AdvocateValpolicella Classico Superiore DOC – 92 points, Wine Spectator

Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso DOC – 91 points, Wine Spectator

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC – 93 points, Wine Spectator

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Druk My Niet wine estate

Druk My Niet wine estate in South Africa near Paarl & Wellington, run by Georg and Dorothee Kirchner.image2

Druk My Niet Estate Malbec 2010 | South Africa | Wine

Intense, alive, complex. Cracked black peppercorns, mulberries, hazelnut, blackcurrant, dark chocolate… Rapture. Looking for Wine Distributors/Importers.

Date Created: 25/06/2013

Appelation: Paarl

Alc. Vol %: 14.00

Product type: Wine

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Druk My Niet Estate Cabernet Franc 2010 | South Africa | Wine

Colour so vibrant and rich that it captivate the sense with the essence of blackcurrant, nutmeg and tobacco leaf. Smokey undertones linger through green peppercorns and sandalwood. Looking for Wine Distributors/Importers.

Date Created: 25/06/2013

Appelation: Paarl

Alc. Vol %: 14.00

Product type: Wine

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Two Italian Boys Wines


Two Italian Boys Vermentino 2012 | Australia | Wine

26/06/2013Vermentino is unoaked, allowing to express it´s distinctive characteristics. Looking for Wine Distributors/Importers.

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Two Italian Boys Fiano | Australia | Wine

26/06/2013Fiano displays a lovely aroma of citrus, white peach and spice, fresh fruit flavours of lemons, honeydew and apple are supported by superb lenght and acidity. Looking for Wine Distributors/Importers.

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Two Italian Boys Nebbiolo | Australia | Wine

26/06/2013Nebbiolo is renowned for it´s floral aroma and high tannin and acid content. Lovely aroma of red berries and roses with sophisticated toasted oak and spice. Looking for Wine Distributors/Importers.

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Two Italian Boys Semillion Viogner 2011 | Australia | Wine

26/06/2013A unique mix of citrus blossoms, limes, lychees and Granny´s apple pie. A textural wine, unique, with a long and intense palate. Looking for Wine Distributors/Importers.

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Two Italian Boys Pinot Grigio 2012 | Australia | Wine

26/06/2013Pears, orange blossom and sweet spice. White stone fruite and a touch of minerality on the finish. Looking for Wine Distributors/Importers.

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Two Italian Boys Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 | Australia | Wine

26/06/2013Complex with layers of flavour and fine, well-structured tannins. Flavours cascade over-the-tongue finishing mouth filling and balanced. Looking for Wine Distributors/Importers.

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Two Italian Boys Sangiovese | Australia | Wine

26/06/2013Nuances of a forest floor, savoury exotic spice and cherries. Looking for Wine Distributos/Importers.

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List Of Wine Distributors in China

Find Here List Of Wine Distributors In China

1- Roosevelt Private Cellars and Wine Vault
Address: 160 Taiyuan Lu, Shanghai 200031
Phone: +86 216 433 9359
Website: http://www.mywinechina.com

2- Beijing Latin America Trading Co., Ltd.
Address: 107 Chaoyang North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100123
Phone: +86 108 552 6911
Email: 0710cyc@sina.cn
Website: http://www.huarpe.cn

3- Blanco & Lynds Fine Wine Distributors
Address:2119 Shennan Avenue, Shenzhen, Guandong
Phone: +86 156 2651 5707
Email: delivery@blfinewines.com
Website: http://www.blfinewines.com

4- Canvaloc Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd.
Address: 460 Fu Te Bei Lu, Pu Dong Xin Qu, Shanghai 200130
Phone: +86 212 022 3098
Email: canvaloc2011@canvaloc.com
Website: http://www.canvaloc.com

5- DCT Wines
Address: 17th Floor, Unit 4 Huaihua Dasha, Shengli Road, Dalian 116021, Liaoning
Phone: +86 400 632 8946
Email: contact@DCTwines.com
Website: http://www.dctwines.com

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List of Wine Distributors in Belguim

List of Wine Distributors in Belgium

1- Nv Voeding Lesage
Address: 11 Westvleterenstraat, Oostvleteren 8640, West-Vlaanderen
Phone: +32 (0)5 740 0452
Email: peter.lesage@voedinglesage.be
Website: http://www.topwijnen.be

2- Van Hende SA
Address: 108 Provinciebaan, Gavere 9890, Oost-Vlaanderen
Phone: +32 (0)9 362 9495
Email: info@vanhende.com
Website: http://www.vanhende.com

3- 95PlusWines.com
Phone: +32 (0)4 7398 0906
Email: info@95plusWines.com
Website: http://www.95pluswines.com

4- Caves St. Amand
Address: 169 Gentbruggestraat, Gent 9040
Phone: +32 (0)9 228 2792
Email: info@cavesstamand.be
Website: http://www.cavesstamand.be

5- Cinoco
Address: 5 Rue Pierre Van Humbeek, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek 1080, Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)49 408 8666
Email: info@cinoco.com
Website: http://www.cinoco.com

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Denmark Wine Distributors


1- AK Vine
Address: 23A Handvaerkervaeget, Greve 2670, Sjaelland
Phone: +45 6081 8370
Email: kontakt@akvine.dk
Website: http://www.akvine.dk


2- Bio-Vin.dk
Address: 27 Gartnervej, Bjaeversko 4632, Sjaelland
Phone: +45 5687 0484
Email: info@bio-vin.dk
Website: http://www.bio-vin.dk


3- Born Wine-Import
Address: 17 Gongehusvej, 2950 Vedbaek, Copenhagen
Phone: +45 4566 1021
Email: vin@born-wine.dk
Website: http://www.born-wine.dk


4- California Wine ApS
Address: 9 Hyskenstraede, Copenhagen 1207
Phone: +45 5171 0571
Email: info@californiawine.dk
Website: http://www.californiawine.dk


5- Copenhagen Wine
Address: 2 Sal, 24 Admiralgade, Copenhagen 1066
Phone: +45 3314 0454
Email: cphwine@cphwine.dk
Website: http://www.cphwine.dk


6- Erik Sorensen Grand Vin
Address: Fredensborg Kongevej 57, Hesselrod 2980 Kokkedal, Copenhagen
Phone: +45 39 62 61 67
Email: vin@eriksorensenvin.dk
Website: http://www.eriksorensenvin.dk




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1- Alko
Address: 1 Salmisaarenaukio, Helsinki 00180
Phone: +358 2071 1711
Email: feedback@alko.fi
Website: http://www.alko.fi


2- Bel Mondo
Address: 2 Tyopajankatu, rak.3, Helsinki 00580
Phone: +358 (0)4 6850 9793
Email: johannes.laakio@sukula.com
Website: http://www.belmondo.fi


3- Domaine Wines Oy
Address: WTC Airport, 3 Lentajantie, Vantaa 01530
Phone: +358 (0)4 0515 5349
Website: http://www.domainewines.fi


4- Funky Wine Imports
Address: 15A Oikokatu, Helsinki 00170
Phone: +358 (0)4 0558 5959
Email: funky@funkywineimports.fi
Website: http://www.funkywineimports.fi


5- Heino Juomat Oy
Address: 18-22 Orionintie, Espoo 02200
Phone: +358 (0)2 071 7010
Email: info@heinojuomat.fi
Website: http://www.heinojuomat.fi


6- Hermannin Viinitila
Address: 1 Kaymiskuja, Ilomantsi 82900
Phone: +358 (0)2 0778 9230
Email: info@hermanninviinitila.fi
Website: http://www.peltohermanni.fi

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How to use Social Media in new and interesting ways.

Now that you have a following, what’s next? We have outlined a few advance strategies below that will help build brand recognition and grow a loyal Social Media community. View Complete Article on Social Media Techniques for Beverage Industry


i. Create Contests and Offer Prizes & Discounts

Everybody loves free stuff. Make your page attractive by offering prizes for correctly answering a skill-testing question or offer promotions to your clients for taking part in a survey. Use catch phrases like “Be the first to answer and win…!” or “at the end of the competition the person (or photo) with the most ‘likes’ wins…” When you generate interest in a certain promotion your followers will continually return to your page to see what has happened since they were last online.

ii. Always Make Sure Your Followers Feel Like They Are Receiving Something.

When you are asking them for their email address to subscribe to your newsletter or to click on your links make sure you give them lots of rewards for commiting their time and participating in your community. Make your followers feel that they are a valued part of your platform. Encourage them to share and grow with you. Use catch phrases to describe your newsletters. Make your link headlines exciting and always take the time to personally answer any emails or comments.

btnsocialiii. Unite Your Online & Offline Advertising Campaigns.

Offer discounts on your social media pages for redemption in your stores. Create posts like, “mention our tweet to us today and recieve 10% off.” Always provide links to your Social Media Pages on any advertisements, websites, business cards and in store displays. Always cross link your media pages to each other.



If you post the same message to every platform, your Followers will quickly realize that they only need to f¬¬ollow one of your social media pages. To ensure your followers are keeping up with all of your feeds, make use of the different layouts – a successful post on one page might not work on another – and offer unique promotions for each page.
Understanding the motivations of your followers on each platform is crucial to understanding what type of posts will be successful. Watch your community and adapt your messages accordingly by using the analytical tools offered and studying what type of posts generate the most interest for each platform.

Complete Article on Social Media Techniques for Beverage Industry

Looking For Innovative Beverages?

Are you looking to Source Innovative Beverages for your portfolio?

sourceinnovativeDifficulties in brand building in the current beverage environment:
The proliferation of brands across all segments; beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages makes the development of new brands extremely challenging.

In many cases new products have difficulty even getting a response to their inquiries.

More often than not you must take advantage of market relationships to clear that hurdle.

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